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2021 Partner Sponsorships

Contact Leigh Sheek-Vogel with any questions.

The 2021 premium Partner Sponsorships are limited to 25 partners.
2021 LOYALTY PACKAGE for renewing 2020 partners ONLY:  $875

NBA Members - who are not current 2020 Partner Sponsors

The NBA Annual Partner Sponsorship program is designed to provide maximum business exposure for your advertising dollar.  As a Partner Sponsor, you will show your commitment to the Newtown community, position yourself as a high level partner in the NBA. As we navigate our new normal, NBA activities in 2021 will reflect public safety concerns and legal mandates limiting attendance at live events. We have created a new approach for 2021 Partner Sponsors during this challenging time using marketing communications that are more digitally based to provide maximum exposure for your business.  Please contact Leigh Sheek-Vogel at if you are interested in becoming a Partner.

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* 2021 NBA membership included ($175 value)

* Premium placement of your logo in the Newtown Community Guide & Business Directory, which is mailed to every home and business in Newtown in March 2021.  (Partner Sponsorship must be purchased 2/1/21 to meet print deadline)

   * Your logo will appear on a continuous scroll on every page of NBA’s mobile-friendly website with over 100,000+ impressions with a link to each Partner Sponsors website.  The NBA website has thousands of visitors during the year. We are also growing our social media presence with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and others to bring the public to our website.

   * Additional Partner Sponsor website landing page listed on NBA menu tab with your logo and direct link to your website.

   * Your logo will be featured in at least one at least one of our monthly E-newsletter along with tagline and live link.  The Newsletter is sent to 1,800+ subscribed community and NBA members.

  * Print advertising in The Advance of Newtown featuring all 2021 Partner Sponsors logos.  This print ad will run quarterly and in addition your logo will be included on the annual full page Holiday ad run in November.  7,700+ Circulation covers Newtown, Yardley, Langhorne, Washington Crossing, Northampton, Wrightstown, Bristol and more with over.

* Partner Sponsor promotional ads on Facebook.  We will post general ads for our Partnership program that will link back to our website's Partner Sponsor page, with live clicks generating attention for your business.

   * NBA Facebook / Instagram Spotlight – Each Partner Sponsor will be featured in posts on the NBA social media channels.  As of September 2020, we have 3,217 Facebook followers and 1,268 Instagram followers with consistent growth from month to month.  Partner Sponsors should submit text (100 words maximum) describing their business and a few photographs representing their business.  The NBA Marketing Coordinator will create a professionally designed Facebook image for your spotlight at no charge.

* NBA Live Spotlight on Facebook - An NBA representative (with mask and social distancing protocols at your comfort level) will visit your location to record and go live on video with you. Allow for a 10 to 15 minute interaction with you to promote your business on the NBA Facebook page.  FB Live video will continue to be accessible on Facebook and YouTube after the live airing, and may be shared afterwards as well.

* Monthly Constant Contact email blast to over 2,500 community and member newsletter subscribers with your logo and direct links to your website with a message focusing on: Please support NBA Partners 2021.  Their solid commitment is a driving force in keeping the NBA moving forward.

* As a Partner Sponsor, you may post business updates daily to our Facebook page and be highlighted twice a month.  Partners can tag us on Instagram and IG stories.  When you do this our social media coordinator Jacki Pitkow can re-share your post and use new options to highlight local businesses.  Forward to

* Partner Sponsors will receive first-priority when the NBA Business School Podcasts are scheduled for 2021 (assuming the subject matter is approved as educational).  Podcasts are promoted on our social media outlets and website to announce topics and speakers.  If you are an episode guest, you can include the podcast on your social media content and website as well.  If you're an episode guest, you can include the podcast on your social media content and website as well.  It could be an opportunity to tell your story and establish trust and credibility with the audience.  Our podcasts are archived on our website's podcast page where they can be listened to at any time.  If you are interested, please email podcast coordinator Rodney Warner.   To view our current podcasts click here.

Any questions please contact Leigh Sheek-Vogel of Turning Point Design + Marketing at or call (215) 357-1727.  Contact Leigh should you need to be invoiced. Please forward high resolution logo to Leigh for marketing.

This offer is only available ONLY to 2020 Partner Sponsors who renew Partner Sponsorship for 2021 by 12/1/2020;  (deadline extended based upon availability)
Thank you to all of our Partner Sponsors in 2020.  We greatly appreciate your commitment as a business leader in the Newtown community.  While we did our best to provide other virtual outlets for you to connect with the public, we want to show appreciation for your loyalty - 2020 partners who renew for 2021 will receive a reduced rate of only $875. This year we are offering a special loyalty program (above) to our 2020 partners due to the limited events held in 2020.

In addition to the standard benefits, they will become an automatic high-level sponsor if any of the annual 2020 events return as live or virtual events in 2021.  We are only offering event sponsorship to 2020 Partners.  As well, they would not have to pay a participation fee for the 2021 Holiday Parade ($100 value).  CLICK HERE to download a list of benefits.

Our 2021 Partner Sponsors

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