Privacy Policy

Newtown Business Association Privacy Policy

Online Storage of Active Member Data:
The purpose of this website is to promote members' businesses and organizations.  We store members' name, company, address, phone, fax, email addresses and website in an online database. This information is available to the public as well as members through the searchable database on our website.  In addition, members can download this data from the password protected "Members Only” page for their marketing efforts.

All email addresses are also stored in a member-to-member email distribution list to allow members to easily announce their special events or promotions to fellow members. Only members who are part of the list can email to this list.  Please see additional rules and restrictions for this list and instructions on blocking members on the Members Only page.   Additionally, we maintain a separate email list of current members for communications from the board to promote events and opportunities provided by the NBA.  Every email offers an unsubscribe link at the bottom in the event you would like to be removed from that list.

Every member has the opportunity to post additional information about their business on their "personal member page" on the NBA website. It is the sole responsibility of the member business or organization to provide accurate information. The NBA or its officers cannot be held responsible for misrepresentations or omissions.

All postings must pertain to services or products offered by the member's business or organization and be in good taste. If you find any objectionable content, please contact the President of the NBA. If the president cannot find an amicable solution, the issue will be brought up at the next board meeting.  By the majority of votes of the members of the board, the personal page of the offending member may be disabled.

Online Storage of Past and Inactive Members
We maintain past and inactive members' name, company, address, phone, fax, email addresses and website  in our online database for statistical purposes and in case a business would like to reactivate their membership.  This information is only accessible by NBA staff and board members and not displayed to regular members or the public.  We may, from time to time, email, mail or call past or inactive members tap promote the NBA and its events.  We will not share or sell this data with outside organizations or businesses. If you would like to be permanently removed from all our lists, please email

Community Email List
On our web site and at events, non-members have the opportunity to join our email list. We will use this list to announce NBA events that are open to the public.  We will not share or sell this data to outside organizations or businesses. Every email offers an unsubscribe link at the bottom in the event you would like to be removed from the list.

Offline Storage of Active and Inactive Member Data
We store members' data including payment information for accounting purposes and to maintain a record of membership, sponsorships and event sign-ups.

Online Payment Information
Online payments are directly processed at the secure website of the PayPal Payment System. We do not record or store credit card or online check data at