NBA Business School Podcasts

NBA Members have the opportunity to collaborate on an NBA Business School Podcast.   Bring your expertise to this educational podcast series targeted to fellow NBA members.  Podcasts are promoted on our social media outlets and website to announce topics and speakers.  If you're an episode guest, you can include the podcast on your social media content and website as well.  It could be an opportunity to tell your story and establish trust and credibility with the audience.  If you are interested, please email podcast coordinator Rodney Warner.

Upcoming Podcasts
1/25 - NBA Business School PodcastVideos, with Kelsey Jordan, KGD Films and Juan Ortiz, Redd Pen Media
2/8 - NBA Business School Podcast:  Work / Life Balance, with Susan Markham, AWAKENING



NBA Business School Podcast: 
Business Insurance

with Peter Toft, Nottingham Insurance



NBA Business School Podcast:

with Jon Henbest, Paradigm Technology Consulting



NBA Business School Podcast: 

with Michael Kirwan, The Kirwan Co. Ltd


NBA Business School Podcast:
Improving Retail Sales

with Rocco Romeo, Retail Sales Consulting


NBA Business School Podcast:
Temple Small Business Development Center
with: Maura Shenker, Director


NBA Business School Podcast:
Public Relations
with: Jean Dolan, Bucks County Community College
Asst. Director for Marketing, Public Relations and Creative Services



NBA Business School Podcast:
with: Tricia Kessler, Kessler Digital Design




NBA Business School Podcast:  Health Insurance 
with Ron Hyman, Insurance Shops



NBA Business School Podcast:
Human Resources & Mistakes You Should Avoid
with:  Eileen Austin, The First National Bank & Trust of Newtown
Justin Pilchman, Stuckert & Yates



NBA Business School Podcast:  Social Media
with: Lauryn Tremblay, Newtown Marketing Co



NBA Business School Podcast:  The Small Business Administration
with: Allen Gutierrez, Associate Administrator, Office of Entrepreneurial Development


Fred Poritsky

Neil Harner

Sonali Deshpande





NBA Business School Podcast:  Post COVID-19: Marketing Do's and Don't's
How to get your customers back into your business post COVID-19.
with: Fred Poritsky, FZP Digital; Neil Harner, Inverse Paradox; Sonali Deshpande, InsiderTrendz 

NBA Business School Podcast:  How to Expand Your Market
with: Fred Poritsky, FZP Digital; Neil Harner, Inverse Paradox; Sonali Deshpande, InsiderTrendz



NBA Business School Podcast:
Re-Opening Legal Issues

with Scott Fegley, The Fegley Law Firm