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All Around Newtown

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The 3rd Thursday of each month @ 11:00am

Community members and local business owners alike will want to tune into "All Around Newtown" to hear from NBA members speak on a variety of subjects on the NBA Facebook page the 3rd Thursday of the month at 11am.  From current events going on in Newtown, B2B educational topics, tours of classic Newtown business buildings there's a little something for everyone all around Newtown!

Missed it?  You can watch these videos anytime on Facebook and YouTube.

A new video will premiere on the third Thursday of each month at 11:00 am, hosted by Matt Peters of Weed Man of Bucks County.

NBA Members: Interested in presenting?  Please contact Matt Peters to apply.  Topics should be educational, interesting and entertaining in nature and should not solely be an advertisement for their business.  All topics and presentations will be reviewed prior to approval.

Scroll through our videos below:

7/21/22 - NBA Board member Andy Rich, Sandler Training/BizDev3.0 - Boost Your 2022 Sales Goals with Help From History's Greatest Salespeople.

5/19/22 - Matt Peters of Weed Man Lawn Care - Summer Lawn Care Tips

3/17/22 - Prom Prep with Gina-Maria Santoro of Giovanni's Fine Fashions.

2/17/22 - NBA President's Day Special: Matt chats with current and past NBA Presidents.

1/20/22 - Sales Person of the Year, 1776: with Andy Rich, Sandler Training.

12/16/21 - Kelley Tate of Genesis Personal Fitness introduces his business and more in this video. Thank you Matt Peters of Weed Man Bucks County, PA for introducing Kelley, and sharing the monthly NBA updates.

11/18/21 - The 2021 NBA/McCaffrey's Newtown Holiday Parade!

10/21/21 - Ron Hyman of Insurance Shops walks members through the tricky system of navigating health insurance options during Open Enrollment.

9/15/21 - NBA's Virtual +Live Business Expo

8/19/21 - Yogamazia, with Michelle El Khoury, PhD

7/15/21 - Vivid Women's Health, with Jennifer Perna

6/17/21 - Wellness Lounge at the Newtown Athletic Club

5/20/21 -  Mayra Rosner, Club Pilates Newtown
We believe that Pilates is the path to a fuller, more satisfying physical existence. We believe that being in control of your body helps you to be in control of your life. And best of all, we believe that you can start anytime.

5/6/21 - Dave Marcolla interviews longtime Newtown resident Allen Fidler about the history of the Roberts Family Farm and Nursery and its ultimate evolution into what today is the luxury townhome community, Newtown Walk.

4/15/21 - Meet the Temperance House, NBA's Business of the Year, with Kathy Buczek, Temperance House

3/18/21 - Spring Lawn Care Tips, with Matt Peters, Weed Man of Bucks County

2/18/21 - Interview with Judge Mick Petrucci, with NBA Vice President Scott Fegley, The Fegley Law Firm

1/21/21 - Self Care Tips for the New Year, with Dr. Gerald Agasar & Cathy Agasar, Agasar Family Wellcare at Inner Spa

12/20/20 - Using Video to Tell Your Story, presented by Kelsey Jordan, KDG Films

12/17/20 - Holiday Shopping in Newtown, with various NBA retailers

12/3/20 - Buy Local or Bye Bye Local  Presented by the NBA's Emerging Leaders Committee

11/26/20 - Virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade!  Presented by the NBA's Emerging Leaders Committee

11/19/20 - Learn All about the Upcoming NBA Virtual Expo. Presented by the NBA's Emerging Leaders Committee

11/12/20 - Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease with Linda Bartleson CRNP of Mercer Bucks Cardiology

11/5/20 - Finding Your Genius Zone  with Bill Mervin of The Bill Mervin Team

10/29/20 - If You Want Something Done Right Give it to Someone Busy, with Eric Scott Gold, East Coast Event Group

10/22/20 - Essential Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System,
with Gary Scardino of Scardino Family Chiropractic Center

10/15/20 - Setting Goals For 2021, with Matt Auterson of Bill Mervin Team, Apex Home Loans

10/8/20 - Fall Lawn Care Tips,  with Matt Peters of Weedman Bucks County

10/8/20 - Fall Lawn Care Tips, with Matt Peters of Weed Man Bucks County.