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NBA Member Annual Awards

NBA Member Awards Nomination

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Please nominate one person for each award below. Add any additional comments on why that person is deserving of the award.

This recognition is awarded to an NBA member whose dedicated commitment and meritorious service exemplify an outstanding contribution to our community through benevolent acts & dedication of significant volunteer hours, demonstrating a genuine desire to serve charitable causes and help those in need.
This recognition is awarded to an NBA member whose outstanding service to the NBA has gone above and beyond what can normally be expected of a volunteer, to further the growth, development and professionalism of our organization.
This recognition is awarded to an NBA member or nonmember whose selfless acts of giving without seeking personal gain or attention exemplifies the highest levels of community spirit.
This distinguished award is to honor and recognize an exemplary NBA business. This company’s member(s) has dedicated time, support, and participation in an effort to help the NBA as an organization, in turn supporting the NBA mission of promoting Newtown as an ideal place to live, shop, and work.
This recipient embodies the selfless commitment to serve others with a generosity of spirit and a heroic dedication, to help strengthen and improve Newtown and its surrounding communities. (This does not have to be an NBA member)
This award is to recognize an NBA member whose dedicated leadership and outstanding contribution exemplifies the spirit of giving back to the community, by making the services of his/her business available to support charitable and nonprofit endeavors, especially the NBA.