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NBA Awards for Service in 2020

Posted on: January 28th, 2021

The Newtown Business Association presented its awards and recognitions for service in 2020 to NBA and community members at their breakfast Zoom meeting on Thursday, January 28, 2021.  2020 was an interesting year for the NBA and its members, due to the COVID pandemic and all the ways it changed the schedule and nature of NBA's usual annual events and meetings.

The NBA depends on many committee members and volunteers to plan and run the business of the NBA and its annual community events; these are just a few members who stood out in 2020.

President's Award:
  Denise Alexander,
Bucks County Community College and Dan Petty, Edward Jones Investments
Every organization and business needs a succession plan.   With that in mind, two years ago Dave Marcolla launched the NBA Emerging Leaders group.  In the face of the pandemic, the EL got creative and held new successful events -the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, the Virtual Business Expo, and a Virtual Thanksgiving Day Parade. The EL group also transitioned the “Coaches On Couches”  to “All-Around Newtown”.    We honor the two dynamic members who led the EL to new heights last year.  This award is to recognize an NBA member whose dedicated leadership and outstanding contribution exemplifies the spirit of giving back to the community, by making the services of his/her business available to support charitable and nonprofit endeavors, especially the NBA.

Community Service Award:  Matt Peters, Weed Man Bucks County
This year’s award goes to one busy guy! Not only is he president of his LeTip group and the Chair of the Newtown Twp Economic Development Committee, but he also hosts and produces the NBA’s “All Around Newtown” interview program which can be seen on Facebook.  This recognition is awarded to an NBA member whose dedicated commitment and meritorious service exemplifies an outstanding contribution to our community through benevolent acts & dedication of significant volunteer hours, demonstrating a genuine desire to serve charitable causes and help those in need.

Distinguished Service Award:  Dave Marcolla, The David Marcolla Group, Keller Williams Real Estate Newtown
If you look up “creative” and “innovative” in the dictionary, you’ll likely find a photo of our next award recipient.  Since leaving  the corporate rat race, in a few short years our winner has become a top performing Realtor.  It was his idea to form the “Emerging Leaders” group as well as the NBA’s “Coaches On Couches” now in the form of “All Around Newtown”. He was also the driving force behind the “Virtual Scavenger Hunt” and “Virtual Business Expo”.  That’s just to mention a few of his positive contributions to the NBA.  I’m sure he has many more ideas that will benefit our organization and our members.  This recognition is awarded to an NBA member whose outstanding service to the NBA has gone above and beyond what can normally be expected of a volunteer, to further the growth, development and professionalism of our organization.

Business of the Year:  Kathy Buczek - The Temperance House
Few industries have suffered more due to the pandemic than the food and hospitality industries. In the face of adversity, one local business chose to help others rather than dwell on the negative.  Soon after the pandemic emerged, this local restaurant, bar and hotel created a program to provide free meals to local firefighters, first responders, paramedics, doctors, and nurses.  Thanks to donations from friends and local businesses, well over 1,000 meals have been provided to the local heroes who put their lives on the line for us.  This award winner also launched a food drive and has collected over 1,000 pounds of groceries for local food pantries.  This distinguished award is to honor and recognize an exemplary NBA business. This company’s member(s) has dedicated time, support, and participation, in an effort to help the NBA as an organization, in turn supporting the NBA mission of promoting Newtown as an ideal place to live, shop and work.






NBA Humanitarian Award:
  Newtown First Responders: 
(clockwise, starting top left)
Newtown Ambulance Squad - Chief Evan Resnikoff
Newtown Township Police Department - Chief John Hearn
Newtown Borough Police Department -
Chief James Sabath
Newtown Emergency Services Department -
Fire Chief Glenn Forsyth
Newtown Fire Association - President Warren Dallas
No one probably knows better than our area First Responders how challenging last year was.  We honor our friends and neighbors who have worked so hard to keep us safe throughout the pandemic.  These recipients embody the selfless commitment to serve others with a generosity of spirit and a heroic dedication, to help strengthen and improve Newtown and its surrounding communities.  This recognition is awarded to an NBA member or nonmember whose selfless acts of giving without seeking personal gain or attention exemplifies the highest levels of community spirit.

Unsung Hero Award:  Kelsey Jordan, KGD Films
The use of video to promote one’s business has grown exponentially in recent years and video became even more important due to the world-wide pandemic.  The NBA is very fortunate to have a member who is a skilled professional videographer who generously gave her time and talent throughout 2020.  Her amazing work has taken the NBA to a new level.  This recognition is awarded to an NBA member or nonmember whose selfless acts of giving without seeking personal gain or attention exemplifies the highest levels of community spirit.

Laura Weber-Carnevale, Klatzkin

Ken Ogborn, Action Karate Newtown


Thank you to NBA Outgoing Board members for their Service.

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