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NBA 2023 Election Candidates

Election Rules

Voting is available from 11/16/2023 through 11/30/2023 5pm.
Each member business, firm and organization is limited to one vote.

You may only vote for 4 board candidates. If you vote for more than 4 your vote will not be valid and/or we will ask you to resubmit your vote if time allows. Please double check you are only choosing 4 board candidates.

FOR BOARD MEMBER:  Choose 4 when you vote.

4 with the most votes will be for 2-year terms. 1 with the least will be for 1-year term

Craig Turet (incumbent)

CRAIG TURET is a partner in the Yardley office of Curtin & Heefner LLP, and a member of the firm’s commercial litigation and employment law groups. For more than 30 years, Craig has handled a broad range of business-related litigation in state and federal courts, both in Pennsylvania and in New Jersey. Craig received his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and his undergraduate degree from Colgate University. He has served as a member of the NBA board of directors for the past 8 years, and for many of those years has chaired or co-chaired one or more of the Business Expo Committee, Membership Committee and Governance Committee.

Lorena Escalero

I have owned a local Newtown based insurance agency for over 20 years.  I have served on many large organization committees, including a national advisory board for a Fortune 100 business. At the start of the pandemic, I worked with the NBA and the Emerging leaders group to ensure the NBA did not collapse and continued to have meaningful and safe events. As the community reopened, I was able to take a seat on the board and help all committees with growth and ideas that foster our great organization. I'm currently trying to restart the retailers committee and help wherever I’m needed.

Kelly Maccia

Hello neighbors. My name is Kelly Maccia. I have been a resident of Newtown for 10 years & there is no place I’d rather live. As a matter of fact, I had the opportunity to move to Raleigh, NC a few years ago & I just couldn’t do it. My reason was & still is, I can’t imagine leaving the amazing friends I’ve made, being able to walk into town, soaking in our beautiful surroundings, regularly supporting our local businesses, which my husband & I have always been committed or leaving a place that children & grandchildren call their second home where special memories are being made. On a professional note, I am a loan officer with CrossCountry Mortgage. I believe it takes more than being an expert in your field to be successful. I work with folks from all walks of life, therefore being genuinely kind, empathic & treating everyone with the utmost respect is key.

Frank Paul Miranda

My name is Frank Paul Miranda, I am a proud local business owner of a Mortgage Company in Newtown, PA, however most importantly I am a proud husband and father of three beautiful children. My hobbies include, cooking, college football and playing with my kids. 

I have been a Sr. Mortgage Advisor with over 20 years of experience. I am naturally ambitious and have a knack for leading and am most fulfilled helping other thrive in becoming successful. As a local business owner, I pride myself in being active in my community and volunteering my time through multiple local organizations. As a leader I strive to improve processes and results as a product of measuring metrics and outcomes based on past results.

Angelo Louridas

Angelo has been with The Bill Mervin Mortgage Team for 3 years and a mortgage loan originator since 2006. You might recognize him as the cotton candy man from Welcome Day. "I’m happy to be a member of the Newtown Business Association and would love the opportunity to increase my contribution to the association and our community!"