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Supplemental Insurance that pays directly to YOU when critical illnesses and accidents occur.

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Family Heritage offers policies that are specifically designed to protect you when you need it most, providing coverage for many of the unexpected costs that can arise due to an illness or injury. Unlike traditional health insurance, supplemental insurance pays money directly to YOU, so you can concentrate on what’s most important – getting well. We offer a range of policies to suit your individual needs – from disease-specific coverage, to accident, intensive care and life coverage. Best of all, many of our policies are REFUNDABLE; so if you stay healthy, we give you’re your money back! Whatever you and your family need to protect – we can help.   “We signed up for cancer insurance thinking we would never need it but 6 months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Family Heritage has been a God send, payments are made promptly and customer service is outstanding! Without these supplemental checks, we would be in financial disaster. God does work in mysterious ways!” –    Patricia S. Testimonial   Call Rachel Hutchinson for details (248)770-5818 rhutchinson@rhinofinancialgroup.com www.FamilyHeritageLife.com

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