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Dr. Gary T. Scardino



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Call for info about "No Crack" Chiropractic, Addiction Recovery, Nutrition, Weight Loss & Success Coaching. Health Wealth and Happiness can be yours! Call for a FREE consultation.

Company Details Dr. Gary Scardino is a Chiropractor, Clinical Nutritionist utilizing Nutrition Response Testing and Whole Food Supplements, Certified Success Coach and has Diplomate Status in Addiction Recovery. Dr. Scardino has developed the Health Wealth and Happiness Mentor Program and Teaches the Unchain Your Power Potential Teleseminars. ( Dr. Scardino has a wonderful wife and three fantastic kids. I practice in Newtown, Pa Bucks County and specialize in diffficult cases associated with nervous system interference, poor nutrition and addictive, compulsive and depressing habits. In my practice I have helped many people recover from Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Asthma and Allergies. Lose weight, Quit smoking, Recover from addiction.( see video below) I've helped three trauma induced deaf patients recover there hearing. Millions suffer because they do not know what a real healing adjustment can do to release the power of the body. People drive from three states for my special care. If I can help them I can help you! Contact me to schedule a free consultation that may change your life. Please follow my Blog at and Friend Drgary Scardino at facebook.
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Contact Name Gary Scardino
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