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Host / Hostess

From: Turning Point Restaurants

Responsibilities include but not limited to:
• Exhibits a friendly and approachable disposition.
• Faces the restaurant entrance and greets all guests warmly and enthusiastically as they enter
• Socializes and engages with guests
• Adds guests to the wait list
• Informs guests of electronic waitlist when relevant
• Offers complimentary coffee to guests when available
• Gives guests menus and shows them to their seats
• Takes call aheads and handles other phone calls
• Answers guests’ questions about the restaurant and menu
• Assists guests with requests
• Assists other staff members when necessary such as running food and drinks or bussing tables
• Maintains composure during times of stress
• Is respectful towards all guests, employees, managers regardless of challenging situations
• Never speaks poorly of any guest, the company, or employee.
• Thanks all guests upon departure.

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