Easter Egg Hunt photos


As the Easter Egg Hunt was cancelled, the NBA Easter Bunny made a special trip around Newtown to say hello and Happy Easter!  She left this message:

Hi Girls and Boys!
I hope everyone is doing okay and that you are keeping up with all your school work.  AND listening to your moms and dads and everyone that loves you and cares about you.  I’m real sorry we weren’t able to see and hug each other at the Easter Egg Hunt this year.  I just want to make sure that you stay healthy and safe.  And that all my bunny friends stay safe and healthy too.  So if you see any of them running around outside (they're the ones with the cute cottontails) please just smile and wave and know that they are staying safe and healthy just like you!

Bunny hugs to everyone!!
Love,  The Easter Bunny