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Frequently Asked Questions for Members

Q:  Where can I find information about all my membership benefits?
A:  Click here to view information detailing member benefits.

Q:   My email address has changed.  How can I update my membership information on the website?
A:   You must be logged into the website to update your profile.  You can update your contact information, add a second contact and contact information, add information about your company, add a logo and/or photo - and even a video.  Your login username cannot be changed; if you have difficulty accessing your profile, email and someone will contact you with assistance.

Q:  Who can I contact if I have difficulty logging into my member profile?
A:  You can email Member Relations - contact NBA Secretary Brooke Straiton and contact her if you have difficulty editing information in your profile.

Q:   How can I limit which NBA members are able to send me "member to member messages"?
A:   While logged in, members can go to the Members Only tab.  At the bottom of the Members Only page is a place where member messages can be blocked.  Don't forget to go to the bottom of the list and click on "Submit."

Q:    How can I tell if a message I send through the Member to Member Messaging system has been delivered?
A:    See below:

  • Click on the "SEND MESSAGE" on the Members Only page
  • Include your Subject, Message, and check "All Members" or the specific members you would like to contact.
  • Press the red "Send Message" button at the bottom of the page to send the message.  DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN ONCE - BE PATIENT.  Wait until you see a note "Messages sent to xxx people" after the messages have been sent and delivered; this might take a few minutes if you message all the members (they might not be delivered if you leave the messaging page too soon).  The messages are sent in batches of 100.  As well, you can view your sent messages when you click on "Sent" on your messaging page.

Q:   How can I post coupons and job openings for my company?
A:   You can add job postings by clicking on JOBS and discount coupons by clicking on the COUPONS - both links are found in the main menu.

Q:  Can I post information on the NBA Facebook Page?
A:  You can promote your specials, events, and news on NBA's Facebook page.  Postings should not include general sales marketing information or press releases.
To share a special, please go ahead and like our page (you can do this from both your personal account and business page).  Post on the page, preferably as your business and what the special is.  Jacki Pitkow, who is the admin for the page will make a note when the post will be 'reposted' for you (it will reach more viewers this way).
Please note there maybe up to a 24-48 hour turnaround depending on how many requests come in.  Members should not expect their posts to appear more than once a month (Partner Sponsors can be highlighted twice a month).    Make sure you include your business name, a website or link to your fan page and specifics on the special or event.
Not sure where to find us on Facebook? Follow this link:
Any questions, feel free to email Jacki at

Q:  What size limits/specifications are there for my profile picture?
A:   The minimum to take up the whole square of the icon area would be 200 x 200 pixels. It gets cropped as a square, but one could upload any image with a height of 200 pixels.  The width does not really matter.