Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How do I limit which NBA members are able to send me "member to member messages"?
A:   While logged in, members can go to the Members Only tab.  At the bottom of the Members Only page is place where member messages can be blocked.

Q:    How can I tell if a message I send through the Mass Messaging system has been delivered?
A:     Sending Member Messages

  • Click on the "Send Message" under the Members Only tab
  • Include your Subject, Message, and check "All Members" or on the specific members you would like to contact.
  • Press the red "Send Message" button at the bottom of the page to send the message.  DO NOT CLICK MORE THAN ONCE.  You should see a note "Messages sent to xxx people" after the messages have been sent and delivered.  As well, you can view your sent messages when you click on "Sent" on your messaging page.

Q:   How can I post job openings for my company and coupons?
A:   You can add job postings and discount coupons through your profile page.

Q:   My email address has changed.  How can I update my membership information on the website?
A:   You must be logged into the website to update you profile.  You can update your contact information, add a second contact and contact information, add information about your company, and add a logo or photo.  Your login cannot be changed; if you have difficulty accessing your profile, email and someone will contact you with assistance.