Extend the Exposure of Your Business with a Listing on the NBA Website

Get the Word Out: All member businesses are listed with a short description and contact information in a searchable database on our website. Many people use this as an abbreviated "Yellow Pages" of trusted Newtown businesses. There is also a strong sense of community among members.

Increase Your Sales Force: Everyone likes to do business with someone they know and recommend businesses to their customers where they received excellent service. Therefore, being a member of the NBA multiplies your sales force.

Use the Free Webpage: If you do not have a website, the membership in the NBA gets your business on the web. You can post an additional long description of your business services and your logo - which in fact gives you a one page business web site. When people start looking for your business on the web, the search result will take them to the NBA website and your contact information.

Incoming Links for Your Website from a High Ranking Site: Your NBA membership can also promote your own company website. Any website increases in value (in the "eyes" of search engines) when other high ranking websites link to you. As the NBA website is well listed in search engines, your website receives a valuable incoming link from your NBA listing.