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Become a Dementia Friend/Champion

Posted on: March 30th, 2021

Subject: Dementia Friendly Newtown PA - April 26th Event
Dear DFN FriendsYou are being invited to become a Dementia Friend/ Champion.  Please join us and register for the April Event and become a Dementia Friend.  It is the first step toward getting involved in our community initiative for 2021.

Our efforts will focus on two platforms (Committees) for 2021:  1) bring awareness through social media and other outlets 2) educate and inform partners and businesses in Newtown.  Let us know which one you would like to be part of.

You can direct friends and partners that are interested to join our community to register by following this link:  Additionally, we will send out the session documents the Friday before the session.

Looking forward to seeing you on April 26th @ 11:00am. Together we will make a difference one person at a time. - DFN Leadership Team

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