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Contact Leigh Sheek-Vogel to see if there is any last minute space available.


2019 ANNUAL GUIDE BOOK:  MEMBERS ONLY advertising space in the 2019 Newtown Community Guide and Business Directory.  Make sure to take advantage of your membership with this great advertising opportunity!  NBA’s 2019 Newtown’s Community Guide & Business Directory is only printed 1x per year! Ad sales close 2/1/19 - Published March 2019

Place an ad in this full color, professionally produced publication which has an annual shelf life and is used by the community to find Newtown services, shops, dining, galleries, educators, sports, recreation, fitness & more!  Placement of your ad is on a first come first serve basis for all 2019 members.   Secure preferred ad placement by renewing on time & purchasing your ad now!

REACH 19,000+ PEOPLE IN YOUR TARGET AREA - Distributed 4 ways. Mailed to all residents & businesses in zip code 18940.  Delivered to new homeowners each month in gift baskets. Distributed at community events, increasing exposure.  Online Guide with links from ads to your website.

JOIN BY 2/1/19  FOR DIRECTORY LISTING   Every 2019 member will have a free listing by business type and name indexes so the public will easily find your business! Please review your profile online by logging in at for accuracy before this date - when the guide book closes for production. Directory will refer readers to your ad.

PURCHASE PARTNER SPONSORSHIPS BY 2/1/19 to get exposure in the Guide!  Your logo and brief info will be published on a prominent page in the Guidebook.

YOUR EXPOSURE WILL LAST ALL YEAR   This professionally produced publication has a long shelf life as a Newtown community reference tool and is distributed all year long!

The NBA is unique when compared to other business groups. We mail our annual publication directly to all residents / businesses in Newtown plus distribute at events / locations.
Local Chamber A - Mailed to 2,000 members - Full page cost is $2,000
Local Chamber B - Mailed to 1,400 members - Full page cost is $1,099
Local Business Group - No direct mail / 7,500 - Full page cost is $1,500
NBA Community Guide - Print 19,000+ / Direct Mail 12,500 - Full page cost is $700

AD PURCHASERS ONLY:  Link your ad to the digital version of  the Guide for an additional $25.  Be sure to purchase your link below, when purchasing your ad.  Nonprofit members who purchase an ad will get a free digital link in the Guide.

2/1/19   RESERVATIONS CLOSE/PAYMENT & AD DUE.  Pay online below or by check (payable to NBA) to NBA Community Guide, C/O Small and Associates - One S. State Street, Newtown, PA 18940

CLICK HERE for the flyer with complete Community Guide details.

CLICK HERE to see the digital version of the 2018 Community Guide.

AFTER YOU PURCHASE YOUR AD:  Email your ad to Leigh Sheek-Vogel in high resolution (300 dpi) in PDF, EPS, or JPEG format.
Any Questions, please contact Leigh Sheek-Vogel at (215) 357-1727.